Prathamesh Sonpatki
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Configuring web-mode with JSX

I use web-mode for editing different templates like html, .erb, .js.jsx. It understands React's JSX tags also which is great because I don't need a separate mode just for JSX.

Talk on React.js at RedDotRubyConf 2015

I gave a talk at Red Dot Ruby Conf Singapore in June on React.js.

Replace character with newline in Emacs

I keep forgetting about newline character in Emacs. Whenever I want to replace a character with newline, I always google. So I decided to blog about it so as to not google each time.

Talk at Garden City Ruby Conf

Recently, I and Vipul gave a talk at Garden City Ruby Conf. Here are our slides for the talk.

kgio, raindrops, unicorn and Ruby 2.2.0-preview1

I was trying to upgrade Codetriage to use Ruby 2.2.0-preview, the latest Ruby version. The project is hosted on Heroku. So to upgrade I changed Ruby version in Gemfile: